We are honored and excited to be working with Lisa Dickal, state licensed wildlife rehabilitator who is volunteering her time and expertise to help the sanctuary.

Any questions or concerns about an injured or orphaned wild animal in Connecticut, please contact Lisa at: savectwildlife@gmail.com, or if an emergency, please contact CT DEEP dispatch 24-hour hotline at (860) 424-3333.  *disclaimer: Currently, the sanctuary does not have a building and cannot accept ANY animals on-site at this time.

For a national directory of Wildlife Rehabilitators, click here.

Found an orphaned or injured baby wild animal? Here’s a great resource to help tell if baby animals are orphaned, injured or perfectly fine—and what to do if they need your help: click here. 

The sanctuary facilitated a wildlife panel in November 2022 to help educate the public on how to safely coexist with wildlife.  For a recap of the event and helpful information click here.  Wildlife panel will be held in the Spring and Fall and are open to the public, please visit the event page to register.