Veterinary First Floor Support Opportunities

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Veterinary Intake Reception Area – Sponsored by Blue Buffalo

We are grateful to Blue Buffalo for sponsoring the reception area – the first step to healing for so many animals in need.

garden hall

Veterinary Intake Green Wall

Nature simply helps us breathe easier. Greenery provides us with our life sustaining oxygen and our life fulfilling connection to the natural world around us. The sanctuary’s Green Wall is a living wall that brings that pause, reminds us of what lives outside the structures we have built. The beauty and natural grace of the Green Wall brings us all back to balance and center in the most gorgeous of ways.

garden room

Comfort Stations

While animals wait their time with one of our incredible veterinarians, they are brought into the tranquility and serenity of the sanctuary’s Comfort Stations. Here, animals have a quiet space with their caregivers or handlers so that stress can be kept at an absolute minimum. Giving and support opportunities are available for the entire Comfort Station or through two individual rooms.


Veterinary Exam Room

Healing begins here. Through the expert attention, expertise and compassion of our on-site veterinarian, each and every animal will get the ultimate state of the art care. Fully equipped with the latest medical, diagnostic and surgical technologies, the sanctuary’s Veterinary Exam Room will provide unsurpassed care for every animal that enters. Working with the experts at Cornell’s Shelter Medicine Program, our Veterinary Exam Room promises the highest standards possible.

giving tree

Fresh Start Laundry Room

When you work to make the world a better place, sometimes it gets dirty! From doggie blankets, to kitty beds, to lots of towels, caring for animals takes a lot of love AND washing machine cycles. Whether scrubbing out cat carriers or sanitizing dog crates or bunny bungalows, the sanctuary’s Fresh Start Laundry Room says goodbye to grime and hello to new and clean beginnings!

multi purpose

Sunny Paws Patio

We all need a little fresh air and a connection with the outdoors – and animals are no different. The sanctuary’s Sunny Paws Patio sits along the back length of the Veterinary Intake Facility and invites animals and people alike to this quiet retreat.