Pollinator Gardens

The sanctuary’s 12,000 square foot pollinator gardens support our most fragile creatures by providing critical shelter, sustenance & migration space for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators. As an official MONARCH WAYSTATION, the sanctuary gardens also provide food and nectar for precious monarchs and caterpillars.

Kindness Gardens

There’s something taking root and growing in Connecticut and Long Island…kindness! KINDNESS GARDENS, an environmental initiative between the sanctuary and civic organizations including  Rotary Clubs and Girl Scouts, working to beautify the land while increasing the number of truly native plants in each ecoregion. Kindness Garden plants were grown specifically for the region in order to thrive in the climate while promoting local pollinator health and propagation. Over 10,500 square feet of pollinator habitat was planted as a result of the initiative.