Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

The parade of small feet marching towards the crest of the hill stilled my heart and settled my soul. I knew- I just knew- this moment would reach into the deepest crevices of my soul and whisper the assurance for which I had been longing. Each small step anointed, sealed, and reminded me, this is the very reason.

They came to release the butterflies they had watch grow. They came to release the secrets they had whispered on the each one’s wings. They came to watch wishes float to the sky.

With great anticipation, butterflies emerged from the enclosure. The children galloped across the open fields waving streaming butterfly wands, encouraging the flock to take flight. Together butterflies and children performed an impromptu dance of beauty, innocence and anticipation.

My little one, she had a rainbow ribbon wand. Each season her adventures would leave her wand slightly more tattered and threadbare. The wand would fly high behind her as she galloped through the yard on a bat she insisted was a horse. The wand would signal the start of a race or a parade of animals would soon follow. On occasion, the ribbon would become the lead line for the stuffed animal she was training. Whatever the reason, the waving rainbow ribbon wand assured all that what was to follow would be glorious and delightful.

Slowly the butterflies fluttered out of sight and the children began the descent down the hill. In that moment, it was as if the sanctuary inhaled a deep breath of satisfaction and contentment. In the stillness, I turned my face to the warmth of the sun and whispered a quiet thank you to my little one.