2013 ASPCA® Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year

2013 ASPCA® Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year

Her eyes grew wide each time she saw the address- the package would always be hers alone because she and the sender are kindred spirits. Whatever Miss Paula would receive from the ASPCA she would save for Catherine. She would box it all up and not surprisingly it always arrived when Catherine needed it most. The contents immediately became her treasured possessions. The note cards her personal stationary- the postcards the art that she most admired. She would flip through her collection to find the right card for the person she was writing. She had to find the exact perfect card- she had to know that they would love the picture on the card as much as she did.

The ASPCA told us they would be honored if we accepted the 2013 ASPCA® Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year award on behalf of Catherine. In that moment it all made sense- her simple treasures from the ASPCA represent so much more. And all the while I cannot help think – but we are honored. There is no greater acknowledgement than the recognition of our daughter’s gentle grace and compassion. For us that is exactly what the ASPCA is honoring when they recognize Catherine’s love for animals and kind soul. We will accept the award on Catherine’s behalf with the humble awareness that it is our honor and privilege in so many ways.

I found one of her notecards tucked into the drawer of the nightstand:

to mama and dada,

“tak you for arrithig you do for me.”

The exact perfect card – our exact perfect honor.