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Filled with books celebrating the animals we hold so dear and sharing the words to inspire a kinder world, Catherine’s Library is a sacred retreat space open to all. Offering children a quiet nook to finish homework, a beautiful spot for a parent to read to their child, or a hub for inspirational author talks, the library leaves no heart untouched.

giving tree

Giving Tree

Centered within the circular oasis of Catherine’s Library, the Giving Tree is the focal point – a drawing in of nature to the indoors. Children and adults alike will gaze into the branches, the chiming leaves that tickle the senses with the grace of tranquility. A place to gather, a canopy of support, and a whimsical connection not easily forgotten.



Sponsored by the Evelyn and Philip Kaplan Charitable Trust: Like a trellis that supports a flowering beauty, their kindness allows compassion to climb to unseen heights.

Garden Room Taken

Garden Room

The Garden Room connects the beauty of nature with the soul of the sanctuary, a melding of the interior and exterior features of this sacred space. Perfect for cocktail parties, tours or private viewings, the Garden Room overlooks the sanctuary’s Ecotype Pollinator Gardens – a flowering masterpiece providing sustenance and protection for our precious pollinators.

stairway nook

Stairway Nook (x2)

Between the Water Feature and the Garden Hall, live two Stairway Nooks perfect for showcasing books, artwork or inspiration pieces. A beautiful stop along a tour and another thoughtful way to utilize every inch of this incredible structure.

garden hall

Garden Hall (and nook)

Connecting the main building rooms with the stunning Garden Room, the Garden Hall stretches from Catherine’s Library through the full extent of the building, showcasing windows and garden views which light up each step. In addition to the Garden Hall naming opportunity, a quaint nook for artwork and inspiration is available as an addition or stand-alone.


Catherine’s Café & Kitchen

A grand and beautiful commercial-grade kitchen promises to be a hub of activity in the sanctuary’s daily life. From vegetarian cooking classes, to farm to table tastings, to catering space for events, Catherine’s Café & Kitchen connects us to the food we eat and the nourishment of our soul.

multi purpose

Multi-purpose Room (and nook)

It takes a village and the sanctuary is no exception. The Multi-purpose Room is where kindness blossoms from vision and ideas to reality. Through educational programs and presentations, Children’s Board Meetings, compassion think tanks, and mission infused meetings, the sanctuary’s Multi-purpose room brings all to fruition. In addition to the Multi-purpose naming opportunity, a quaint nook for artwork and inspiration is available as an addition or stand-alone.



We rise together as we elevate kindness in this world. As we move higher in our love and compassion for all, we carry those with us into a better place. The sanctuary’s Elevator ensures that no person is left behind and that all have access to the beauty that is the CVH Animal Sanctuary.


Greenwall Entry

Nature simply helps us breathe easier. Greenery provides us with our life sustaining oxygen and our life fulfilling connection to the natural world around us. The sanctuary’s Green Wall is a living wall that brings that pause, reminds us of what lives outside the structures we have built. The beauty and natural grace of the Green Wall brings us all back to balance and center in the most gorgeous of ways.


Water Feature

Visible under the clear glass of the main hallway, the sanctuary’s Water Feature is unlike anything experienced before. Through natural, meandering curves, the Water Feature is a protected indoor stream, flowing through the heart of the building. The tranquility of water has been honored since the beginning of time – a connection to that which has always been and will always be in the flow. The sanctuary’s Water Feature will live on as one of the iconic features of this incredible facility.

atrium light

Atrium Light

Reflecting the light that resides within us all, the stunning Atrium Light is the sparkling introduction to the sanctuary’s entrance. Watch as each guest pauses in awe at the sight above them, a twinkling embrace that connects hearts with stunning beauty and radiance.

Catherines Tiles Taken

Catherine’s Tiles

“Love”, “Kindness”, “Compassion” – just a few of the words forever embedded in Catherine’s Tiles that will grace the footpath in the Main Entry. Words matter and the more we can train our thoughts to remember the goodness that lives in this world, the more aligned we are to our hearts. Catherine’s Tiles – the gentle whispers that live on and inspire a better future for all. 

main entry

Main Entry

Here, the world will know where peace begins. Stepping through the stunning Main Entry of the sanctuary’s building crosses a threshold from one world to another. In this world, we see a better way; we see a kinder and more beautiful path forward. The Main Entry isn’t just an entrance point to the sanctuary, it is the entrance point to peace, love and acceptance for all.