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The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary enriches the lives of all beings by promoting compassion and acceptance. By honoring the bond between animals, humans and the environment, we’re creating a kinder and gentler world for all.

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Whether focused on bugs, birds, pets, farm animals, nature or the ecosystem, Sanctuary programs provide wonderful learning opportunities that promote the care and nurture of creatures and the world where they live.




The Sanctuary

The sanctuary facility will reflect Catherine’s empathy for all creatures by providing unsurpassed care for its animal residents and hands-on educational programs for the community.

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  • Truth and Wisdom

    We would sit, my grandmother and I, for hours. She would tuck my brave one in her chest, holding him so tightly, I was sure it was her heartbeat that lulled him to sleep. And I, I would sit with my legs tucked under me,......

  • On that Morning

    Heaven offered a protective blanket as my brave one set off to that distant place where his soul is settled.  He sets off not knowing my gaze does not veer until he disappears from sight and even then it lingers for a few minutes longer......


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