Our Mission

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary enriches the lives of all beings by promoting compassion and acceptance. By honoring the bond between animals, humans and the environment, we’re creating a kinder and gentler world for all.

Our Programs

Whether focused on bugs, birds, pets, farm animals, nature or the ecosystem, Sanctuary programs provide wonderful learning opportunities that promote the care and nurture of creatures and the world where they live.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary facility will reflect Catherine’s empathy for all creatures by providing unsurpassed care for its animal residents and hands-on educational programs for the community. While we look forward to the day when we can have animals on-site, we can not accept any animals at this time.

Explore The Property & See The Build

Sanctuary Blogs

  • Halloween Pet Safety Tips

    Halloween is a wonderful time of celebration for kids and adults alike. As much as we want to share the festivities with our pets, it’s important to follow some important guidelines in order to keep our furry friends happy and safe this October. Keep candy......

  • The Beekeeper’s Story

    Sugar slid from the bag with a swoosh, sending puffs of smoke as it filled the bucket. “Halfway,” he said, “halfway is all we need.” Water slopped and sloshed filling the remaining space as he looked around for something to stir the grainy contents. A......


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